Sustaining roots

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This project reflects from the start of the supply chain to the network of people linked under the same purpose and the final product. The importance of agriculture and the hands that touches the lands as a lever in the challenge to reduce global warming and relieve the damage in the planet where fashion and textile sums up to the Earth health. Meaning that the impact in communities and landscape benefits from it by reducing massive production and focusing in quality vs quantity.

Shot in the comarca of Béjar in the province of Salamanca (Spain), an area where the textile industry was big and very important for the Spanish economy, employing around 5000 workers until the decadence and shut down of the majority of the factories in the 1980s and 90s. The series is a journey from a small wool supplier to the confection of the product in a familiar atelier and the display of the final product.


Credits of people featured in this series.

Shepard : Jesus Sanchez

Shearer : Mariano Domínguez Martín

Textile Factory: Miguel Ángel Sánchez García, Casimiro Sánchez Hernández y María Luisa González Moretón

Product: Mantas Cornejo