Soul Shape

Fashion & beauty, Personal, Photography

“Soul Shape” delves into the concept of the soul as the essence and driving force within the human body. This project seeks to understand and illustrate the profound connection between the soul and the physical body, emphasising the soul’s role in animating and giving life to the corporeal form.

My fascination with the soul stems from a deep curiosity about what makes us truly alive and unique as individuals. Growing up, I was influenced by diverse of philosophical teachings that spoke of the soul’s significance. This led me to ponder the intangible aspects of existence beyond the physical realm. “Soul Shape” is a manifestation of my quest to explore and express this profound connection. My motivation to create this project goes from a desire to bridge the gap between the metaphysical and the tangible, and to offer a visual and conceptual representation of the soul’s essence.

I engaged in deep introspection, reflecting on my personal beliefs and experiences related to the soul and its influence on my life and those around me. This phase helped me connect the theoretical knowledge with my own intuitive insights, providing a more authentic and heartfelt foundation for the project.

I aim to convey the profound and often elusive essence of the soul. “Soul Shape” stands as a visual essay to the enduring mystery of it, urging viewers to reflect on their own inner spark that animates their existence.