Play Ball Here

One of the things that surprised me when I moved to London it was that the sport I used to play back in Spain it didn’t have the same impact here. Basketball is a multibillion sport business in the USA with the NBA, NCAA and in Europe with the Euroleague, Spanish league, Eurocup. All with solid structured teams, advertising deals, players that become celebrities, a real show business but in the United kingdom is a small sport with no enough structured teams, leagues or schools if we compare with other sports like Football, Rugby or Cricket which are surprisingly huge in the UK.

After I got over the idea that I could have made a living in the basketball industry as a player, coach or whatever which it took a long time for me to be able to watch or follow it again. This project came up as part of the healing and reconnecting process, first by playing with the people I met in the courts and second to take some photos during or after we played.

Most of the people I played with find it hard to believe how this game has not the same impact as other sports.






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