Juan Carlos Verona is recognized as a distinguished portrait photographer known for his ability to infuse imagination and simplicity into complex visual narratives. With a focus on detail and studio dynamism, his work reflects a unique blend of artistry and a vibrant studio atmosphere that sets him apart.

Having collaborated with prominent brands such as Adidas, Sainsburys, Champion Sportswear, Universal Records, or Sony Music, Verona’s portfolio speaks volumes about his creative prowess. Additionally, his publication “Dead Beauty” offers a thought-provoking exploration of mortality and natural beauty through the lens of male portraiture.

In 2020, Verona introduced ZERO.NINE, an art and style magazine that serves as a platform for his ongoing collaborations with fellow creatives from London and Europe. His work has garnered international acclaim, reflecting his enduring influence within the photographic and artistic community.

Raised in the picturesque landscapes of Béjar, Western Spain, Verona’s early exposure to beauty and style in his mother’s salon ignited his passion for the visual arts. This foundation led him to pursue further education and training, including stints at L’oreal Madrid and studies in fashion and photography in Barcelona and London.

In summary, Juan Carlos Verona’s professional journey is characterized by a commitment to creativity, collaboration, and a keen eye for detail, making him a notable figure in the ever-evolving landscape of photography.


2014 The AOP Fashion and Beauty Finalist

2015 The AOP Fashion and Beauty Finalist

2016 IPA Honorable Mention

2017 The AOP Fashion and Beauty Best in Category

2019 The AOP Fashion and Beauty Silver Award

2020 Dead Beauty Photobook

2023 The AOP Fashion and Beauty Finalist

2023 The AOP Spaces Finalist